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Follow me on a Journey of Self-awareness...

Daily, secretly people ultimately want to feel validated. Validation is a powerful tool that is necessary in human relationships.

No matter the age, 5 years, 18 years, 36 years, 60 years and above, we want someone to validate who we are. We desire someone to see our worth and our value. We want someone to be excited when they see us, talk to us, be around us.

Genuine validation means the world in a relationship and is worth more than anything that money can buy.

Please, join me today in the awareness of the importance of VALIDATION. First, start within and take the the time to value who you are. Place your hand on your heart, close your eyes, take a deep breath, inhale, hold for 3, exhale, and connect to yourself with appreciation. Appreciation for your breath, appreciation for the beat of your heart, appreciation for the life that you have to live. Refrain from thinking about anything you haven’t become or haven’t done, and focus just on the value of YOU!

Spread that awareness throughout the day and throughout the week and validate people in your life. Maybe it’s your middle child that needs a little validation, or maybe it’s a spouse, or an elder in your life. It could be your Pastor or next door neighbor. No matter who, take the time to genuinely value them. Pass the gift of validation to others, let it spread and multiply.

Your Day 1 begins at this moment. Share with us your journey!


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